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      12-28-2020, 03:25 AM   #1
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M2 Competition heavily modded as tribute car dubbed "BMW M2 CSL Turbomeister Edition"

     Featured on
I have released the the M2 CSL Turbomeister Edition. You will be able to check the process done to my car in this video:

BMW M2 CSL Turbomeister Edition – Private Owner Creates A Personal Tribute to BMW’s History of Turbocharging & Weight Reduction

The project car offers more than 110 kgs of weight reduction, a performance of 520 hp and 660 Nm from the twin-turbo 3.0-liter six-cylinder engine and a unique livery using the TopazSkin technique resembling the 2016 BMW 2002 Hommage concept, which celebrated BMW’s successful history with turbocharged engines using the Turbomeister design.

Be passionate about what you drive! For many private owners, the BMW and more importantly ///M world is one surrounded by passion for the automobile, which carries the famous circular logo featuring the blue and white colors, symbolizing the Bavarian flag colors and representing the company’s origin. Nicknamed by many as ‘bimmer’, the BMW automobile has engulfed so many petrol heads over the last century, giving us a feeling of passion and connection to vehicles that are able to share ‘Sheer Driving Pleasure’ from the moment you step behind the wheel.

For many, passion means going beyond the beaten path to dream ideas and create unique tuning projects. Passion means also sharing visions to shape our beloved BMW (M) community. Above all, passion means joy. The joy of creating something that is unique to each owner, sharing the true passion of the BMW automobile and letting us enjoy the connections within the biggest automotive community in the world.

Examples like the absolutely stunning BMW F81 M3 Touring and E91 M3 Touring, the lovely ///M version of the M140i or the mental speedster version of the E89 Z4 are all creations based around the sheer passion from their owners to create something that BMW never released to the World themselves. Instead, the owners decided to take on the task of creating something unique and bespoke, while touching on the historical nature of the German brand that we all love so much.

Turbomeister Edition
The new M2 CSL Turbomeister Edition was created with the same ethos in mind. Based on a 2018 BMW M2 Competition, the vehicle received a transformation connecting the 2016 BMW 2002 Hommage Concept revealed at the Concours d’Elegance in Pebble Beach to the absence of a M2 CSL model in the F87 lineup. Subsequently, the vehicle displays what could have been if BMW didn’t have to end the life of the M2 in Europe in 2020. The beloved vehicle was an unexpected global success story ever since the release of the M2 Coupe in January 2016. With the M2 Competition, M2 CS and numerous special editions, the community is looking forward to what the new updated G87 version will have to offer in the coming years.

The BMW 2002 Hommage concept shined the spotlight onto BMW’s successful history with turbocharged engines. In 1973 the BMW 2002 turbo became the first series-produced vehicle in Europe to feature turbo technology. In so doing, it turned the BMW 02 into a full-blooded sports car. The iconic orange/black paintwork and livery are synonymous in the minds of many motor sport fans with the triumphs of the 1970s. The orange is called Inka 22 and is a historical BMW color, which was used on the 2002.

In collaboration with BMW’s design department, the owner was offered the unique chance to use the official design on his BMW M2 road-going car changing the design drastically while also in cooperating a serious amount of changes which shed more than 110 kgs from the car’s weight. The same number as the limited edition BMW E46 M3 CSL, the owner’s most favorite BMW ever created. The combination has turned out to be a head-turning creation, which will showcase what could be done when a rumored G87 M2 CSL version might hit the markets halfway through this decade.

Topaz Skin
The highlight of the design transformation is the TopazSkin which was applied by the specialists at Topaz Detailing in London to create the unique Turbomeister design. By now, hopefully you might have heard of Paint Protection Film (PPF). TopazSkin is the next generation of paint protection, known as Paint Protection Spray (PPS), which Topaz have developed with the British company Ngenco. TopazSkin provides a completely seamless, 100% coverage of the car’s paintwork. Just like PPF it protects the car from stone chips and scratches, and has self-healing properties. It doesn’t stop there, either. TopazSkin is completely customizable. Topaz are able to use any paint color with TopazSkin, with stripes and liveries to achieve absolutely any look you can imagine. Even more impressive, it’s all completely removable when desired!

“At Topaz we receive a lot of interesting and one-off commission projects that we are part of and each one has something special about it, some customers opt to go for a lot of detail that is obvious to the beholder and some decide to go for a subtle approach. For the owner we wanted to pull out all the stops and make sure that we get the best possible finish both technically and aesthetically,” says Nabil Naamo, owner of Topaz Detailing. “The M2 came into us being a modified "standard" looking car, but when it left us, it was far from standard! Everything from the choice of colour to the details of the carbon stenciling on the roof, have been thought through meticulously by the owner and the team. Technically speaking, it was a very difficult job as it required many different stages of the car entering our spray booth, then our detailing bay, then our PPF workshops! The final result speaks for itself and all the attention to detail from both the owner and my team can really be seen from a distance and especially when up close and personal with the car, I look forward to seeing this epic little car on the road! It was a pleasure to have it go through our workshops."

The unique set up of the TopazSkin includes a number of details that have never been done before. All decals placed on the orange body panels have been installed and placed underneath the final layers of lacquer creating a look as if the stickers were painted as well. The roof detail was created by using a stencil technique during the paint process allowing the Alpha-N Performance carbon roof to be visible at any time through the outline of the Turbomeister decal. Additionally, an orange Turbo logo was placed on the right white section on the front bumper, also under the transparent lacquer creating a smooth finish throughout.

The matte-black vinyl placed on the top part of the body work resembles the Turbomeister design, and the same goes for the orange-colored headlights and darkened rear tail lights. The Turbo logo and M2 CSL badge on the back of the vehicle finish off the design features fitted by Topaz Detailing and JD Customs, a specialist from the Netherlands who prepared all decals and offered assistance on the design process. To match the design on the vehicle, BMW kindly allowed the owner to compare, measure and see the BMW 2002 Hommage concept in real life. This rare opportunity provided the right interpretation and the correct positioning and sizes for the decals.

To finish off the exterior design, the M2 CSL Turbomeister Edition runs on ultralight 19 inch BBS FI-R wheels which shave off a considerable amount of unsprung mass. The wheels are shod in Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires, which will be replaced in the summer by the newly released and enhanced Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 Connect tires. The front bonnet was replaced by an Alpha-N Performance carbon fiber bonnet. At the rear, the BMW M Performance carbon rear tailgate is accompanied by an Akrapovič gloss carbon fiber rear diffuser housing the four tailpipes of the Akrapovič titanium exhaust system. The two mirror cap covers are also carbon fiber and made by the Slovenian exhaust manufacturer. The matte black side skirts are from AC Schnitzer and the black painted side vents are from IND Distribution.

The BMW M2 CSL Turbomeister Edition is kept in top condition using the brand new Topaz Car Care products. “Finally, you can have the Topaz Detailing experience wherever you are in the world. From the comfort of your garage to a road trip across Europe, Topaz Car Care has you prepared... The same Topaz Detailing standard, anywhere, anytime”, according to Nabil Naamo.

Technical enhancements
The Turbomeister design features are not the only upgrades done to the M2. Together with Beek Auto Racing in the Netherlands, a range of technical upgrades were fitted to the Bavarian sports car. The handling has been improved using a full suspension kit from AST Suspension. The AST 5100 including top mounts offer the unique characteristics of combining a more sporty nature, enhanced track stance and improved handling with a sheer level of compliance, which offers comfort on your way to the track and the option to “daily” the vehicle. Under the bonnet, you will find an Eventuri air intake allowing the turbos to work more efficiently. The airflow to the turbos is now more laminar, allowing them to spool with less drag. Since the M2 with its S55 engine does not have any air openings behind the grilles, Eventuri also added sealed ducts to ensure that the intake temperatures stay as low as possible.

The performance of the M2 has been enhanced by increasing the power by at least 110 horsepower and 110 Nm of torque over its stock performance. The twin-turbo S55 engine under the bonnet now produces up to 520 hp and 660 Nm of torque. The more free flowing exhaust allows for a sound track that fits to the outspoken design of the Turbomeister Edition. The full exhaust system which is available across the globe, was initially developed in collaboration with the Slovenian engineers on this particular vehicle at the end of 2018 and early 2019. Made from titanium, – with some parts cast in Akrapovič’s own foundry – this system will reduce exhaust system’s weight by over 45% and deliver extra power and lower backpressure.

British company Defined Coding offered a solution to enhance the car’s steering, gearbox and rear differential software. They also made sure the dashboard now says “M2 CSL”. The enhancement on the software side offers a more precise handling and steering, while also creating a better transfer of the increased power through the rear wheels.

To deal with the notorious problem with the stock M Sport brake kit of having stones getting stuck between the front calipers and the barrel of the front rims, a brand new Nashin brake kit was fitted, offering a smaller 380 mm disc while keeping the 6-pot caliper set up in place. The Japanese brake kit saves about 16 kgs in weight over the front axle in comparison to the stock system. Brake pads and performance brake lines have been added as well. The rear brakes were kept stock. All four calipers were painted orange.

Interior enhancements
On the inside of the M2 CSL Turbomeister Edition, you will come across a smaller series of upgrades enhancing the looks of the interior while also providing diagnostic data via the center-mounted display. The BMW M Performance steering wheel was re-upholstered with new Alcantara, leather and a red 12 o’clock marker. AutoTecknic shift paddles and red M1 & M2 buttons from IND distribution finish off the steering wheel design.

Other points to note are the BMW M Performance carbon fiber & Alcantara interior kit for the shifter and handbrake, the BMW M Performance pedal covers and the BMW M Performance key case. The one-off, puddle door lights only visible in low light or in the dark were specifically created for the Turbomeister Edition by BMW M Performance and feature the circular Turbomeister decal on either side of the car. The carbon fiber door sills are from Alpha-N Performance and feature the M2 CSL decal in orange, which was specifically designed for this project car.

A word from the owner, Marc Rutten (@Shmarc150)
Before sharing my thoughts on this project, I would like to thank all partners involved in creating the project that is now in front of you. (In alphabetical order) AC Schnitzer, Akrapovič, Alpha-N Performance, AST Suspension, Atomic Shop, AutoTecknic, BBS Wheels, Beek Auto Racing, BMW, BMW M, BMW M Performance, BW Motors, Defined Coding, Eventuri, JD Customs, Topaz Detailing for their support over the last 18 months. Without any of you, this project wouldn’t have become reality.

For me, the Turbomeister project has become the fulfilment of a dream to create a bespoke project vehicle based around a BMW M product. The deep love for the BMW & ///M brands, the M3 CSL and the heritage story line of the Turbomeister livery allowed me to create and showcase a set up that stays true to the historical nature of the saying “Sheer Driving Pleasure”, a passion which we should hold onto in an everchanging automotive world which is aimed at going full electric and leaving us passionate petrol heads behind confused of where the world really left us.

Add to this the current renaissance and rediscovery of key historical design features through new controversial releases and I feel it is good that we all allow ourselves to embrace the way we want to fulfill and share our passion of motoring. I choose to share my passion by creating this unique M2 CSL Turbomeister Edition. Is it finished? Like any project, I believe it will never be finished. New interior upgrades and exterior design ideas are already around the corner, and those will allow me to continue to interpret and connect to the true heritage of the Turbomeister livery and the lightweight essence of the CSL brand. I enjoy the journey as much as I do the driving and support the diversity of creations around a community that we all should cherish.

Special thanks to the Louwman Museum in the Hague for the opportunity to use their location for the photoshoot. More information on the museum and the collection can be found here:

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      12-28-2020, 03:41 PM   #2
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Very cool car Marc

Thank you for sharing ‼️
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      12-28-2020, 03:53 PM   #3
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      12-28-2020, 04:12 PM   #4
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Holy Sh*t!!!!

I am a enthusiast . . . yours is more of passion with obvious means.

Thank you for taking time to share, including wonderful write-up.

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      12-28-2020, 04:33 PM   #5
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Now that is a 2 COOL project! 👍
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      12-28-2020, 04:37 PM   #6
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Amazing car congrats !
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      12-28-2020, 04:43 PM   #7
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BMW missed the boat by not developing the M2 CSL. This example, with its almost 250 lb weight reduction, is what woulda, coulda, shoulda been. Unfortunately, polarizing exterior aesthetics and weight gain now seem to take precedence over raw performance at the new ///M division. I'm not referring to or bashing the CS here either. It's certainly a commendable machine.
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      12-28-2020, 05:06 PM   #8
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I wouldn't want to be seen in it, especially with that license plate, but I do appreciate the throwback and quality execution.

Orange suites the M2 well.
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      12-28-2020, 05:19 PM   #9
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that's awesome OP!

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      12-28-2020, 05:20 PM   #10
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Congrats on the build results Marc.
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      12-28-2020, 05:37 PM   #11

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      12-28-2020, 05:43 PM   #12
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Highlight of 2020 !! So cool..............
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      12-28-2020, 05:51 PM   #13
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Do my M2 next

Great thread, and thanks for the write up. Looks so fun...which is what cars should be all about!
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      12-28-2020, 06:36 PM   #14

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How did you get the CSL on the dash? Legit.
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      12-28-2020, 06:43 PM   #15
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Now THAT is a wrap!
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      12-28-2020, 06:54 PM   #16
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I feel like I need a shot of Jägermeister!
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      12-28-2020, 08:05 PM   #17

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Wowowoowza! Very very cool.
Question: did you have to add the Turbomeister logo/font on the hood? I love absolutely everything.
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      12-28-2020, 08:21 PM   #18
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A mind numbingly titanic effort

All the best for future endeavours

The second coming of ///M!
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From 'Jägermeister' to 'Turbomeister'

Impressive 'one of a kind' tribute project. Kudos for that.

Side note: notwithstanding the efforts and result, IMHO the use of genuine "CS", "CSL" and "GTS" badges on BMW cars remains the prerogative of the BMW M division.

Trivia: the origin of the orange color, the "Turbomeister" name, the font and logo, goes back to the BMW Motorsport racing days featuring "Jägermeister" sponsoring (a famous German digestif).

Name:  Jägermeister_Cars.jpg
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Name:  Jägermeister_Bottle_Resized.jpg
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Internal code names:
  • the internal code name for the E92 M3 GTS was "Jägermeister":
    "BMW M GmbH chief Kay Segler says the internal code name for the M3 GTS was «Jägermeister», a reference to the famous German digestif and frat fuel with a history of sponsoring motorsports" (source: here and here)
  • the internal code name for the E82 1M was "Pyrat":
    "Before the 1 Series M Coupe was given its official designation, BMW M referred to the model internally as «Pyrat», allegedly because of the engineers' affection for a spiced rum of the same name" - "Above all else it's a car that allows the M Division to fly the pirate flag once again within BMW and in some ways the automotive world. And it all sort of makes sense considering the code name for the 1M is «Pyrat». A name inspired by late nights creating the car followed up by later nights drinking Pyrat Rum" (source: here, here and here) (example of proof: here - sticker on an OEM E82 1M part)
  • the internal code name for the F87 M2 was "Pyrat2":
    "The code nickname for the M2 is «pyrat2». Why pyrat2? If you recall, the 1M coupe's nickname was «pyrat»" (source: here)
  • the (provisional) internal code name for the G87 M2 is "Drift Machine" (maybe "Driftmeister" in the end ?):
    "The next-generation 2-Series will be called the «Drift Machine», so whenever I [Klaus Frölich - BMW product development] look at the design I can say «Adrian [Adrian van Hooydonk - BMW design chief], does that really look like a drift machine? It should have more thrill, do something more». If I drive the car I say «is it a drift machine ?»" "He [Klaus Frölich] claims responsibility for the «Drift Machine» moniker because he wants the designers and engineers developing the model range to understand its intended purpose as a driver’s car." (source: here and here)
E92 M3 GTS (138 cars): 2 cars got the Alpine White 3 body color (BMW paint code 300) and 136 cars got the 'Fire Orange II' paint (BMW paint code U94) (a lighter shade of orange than 'Inka'):

'Inka' (BMW paint code 022) in the 70s:

From "Jägermeister" to "Turbomeister":

May 2016: BMW presents the 'BMW 2002 Hommage Concept' in Northern Italy at the 'Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este' event (see dedicated thread here). Pictures below were taken on the 'Falzarego Pass' in the Italian Dolomites.

August 2016: BMW presents the 'BMW 2002 Hommage Concept' featuring 'Turbomeister' livery in the USA at the Pebble Beach 'Concours d'Elégance' event (see dedicated threads here and here). The name, livery colors, font and logo are definitely a hat tip to the "Jägermeister" days of the past.

Other concept projects worth to note:

May 2014: in the virtual world, BMW presents a 'BMW Vision Concept GT6' (dedicated thread see here).

And that 'BMW Vision Concept GT6' even entered the real world in 2018 through a tribute by Chinese enthusiasts (see dedicated thread here).

May 2015: BMW presents the 'BMW 3.0 CSL Hommage Concept' in Northern Italy at the 'Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este' event (see dedicated threads here and here) (presented in BMW color 'Golf Grün' / 'Golf Green' - BMW paint code 070).

August 2015: BMW presents the 'BMW 3.0 CSL Hommage R Concept' featuring different livery in the USA at the Pebble Beach 'Concours d'Elégance' event (see dedicated thread here).

Last but not least, we also need to mention the 'BMW M2 MotoGP Safety Car' presented by BMW M in February 2016 (see dedicated thread here).

Former BMW M boss Frank van Meel in September 2017 on future BMW CSL cars:
Van Meel said that the CSL designation will replace GTS on the four-rung hierarchy of M cars, which starts with the base model then progresses to Competition Pack, CS, then CSL. Like the GTS, CSLs will be BMW M's most hardcore offerings.
«CSL [will be] the top-of-the-line track tool, made on the track for the track, just with a number plate,» Van Meel said. With a CSL, you can expect cup tires, coilover suspension, a roll cage, water injection, and a fire extinguisher. Van Meel says that the CS on the other hand is «also a track tool, but with four seats,» and more emphasis on comfort.

(source: here)
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      12-28-2020, 10:27 PM   #20

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Originally Posted by Artemis View Post
Thanks for the history lesson. The OP’s car makes much more sense now. I was scratching my head wondering what’s the point and there already is a real M2 CSL... but knowing this is an homage to the above car makes me get it now and appreciate the dedication and craft put into the project.
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      12-29-2020, 12:26 AM   #21
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A nice Anglo-Dutch collaboration project

@MR. Is the roof still CF or did you change it back?

And what tune did Beek choose to get 520BHP out of the S55?

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      12-29-2020, 12:37 AM   #22
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Looks good, Shmarc. I think silver/chrome grille surrounds will complete the look, but that is your choice.
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