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      09-23-2019, 01:42 AM   #1
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Insight on SnowPerfomance Stage 1

Hello everyone I currently have a 2018 M2 LCI Bm3 stage 2 91OCT. I am looking at potentially getting a WMI kit installed on the vehicle viewing (SnowPerformance Stage 1 Kit) and attaching it to the chargepipe bung. What are everyone’s thoughts on the kit and/or related kits? I am looking to do a 50/50 blend to increase octane rating (more power baby!) along with cooling IAT temps to reduce potential knock. Usually do all the work myself but will certainly have a professional install the kit. Thanks for all of your guys insight.
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      09-24-2019, 05:20 PM   #2
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When I was researching WMI kits and spoke to snow they recommended stage 3 for our cars. The difference being the controller is more advanced. IIRC stage 1 is just OFF/ON operation where as stage 2 and 3 is a "progressive" meth delivery.

I ended up going a different route but I still think the snow stuff is high quality
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      09-24-2019, 06:52 PM   #3
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I went Aquamist, and installed it myself. I'm now running the Stage 2 93 OTS map on CA 91 pump gas with a 50:50 water / methanol blend.

I've had it installed now for a few months, and have found it to be exceptionally good about lowering IATs, to the point that I'm even considering going back to the stock FMIC. For octane, fuelling and cooling of the combustion to prevent pre-ignition, it seems to be doing the job as well. I'm very happy.

The Aquamist system uses the injector duty cycle to determine WMI flow, and starts injecting at ~50% duty cycle. The system can use boost as well, but that's not the default case.

There are some systems that are progressive, and Aquamist is one of them. In practical use however, I think the major benefit to a progressive system is that you don't waste your methanol. If you're flooring it, you'll be making max boost and max fuelling anyway, so you'll therefore be injecting max methanol. It's only really at part throttle / low revs that you see the progressive nature of the system in action.

Details are in this thread:
2018 ///M2 LCI, LBB, 6MT...

Current Performance Mods:
CSF FMIC, ER CP, Fabspeed Cat, Aquamist WMI, GFB DV+, NGK 97506, BM3 (Stage 2 93 OTS), CDV delete, UCP, M2C/M3/M4 Strut Brace, M3/M4 Reinforcement Rings
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      09-25-2019, 01:49 AM   #4
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I've done alot of research and have had a lot of wmi systems in my tuning experience/car modding past, and in my opinion here is what you have to look for:

1) Real progressiveness in terms of injection so you do not get a huge spurt of meth and then have the car have to react in a dramatic way to compensate for the large injection volume of fuel. This makes the car feel smoother and imo is the better way to deliver the wmi mixture, expecially if you're using pure water as you'll misfire with alot of water in one huge go. Progressive is better when a solenoid is PWM'ed not when a pump is PWM'ed imo, this is because it takes more time for a pump to spin up (inertia etc) and to build pressure in the lines. When a solenoid is PWM'ed the pump is always running (when boost hits a threshold before injection is required etc) and bypassing fluid, so the pressure is always available and ready to go. This is how fuel injection is done, and imo the best way to get good and accurate control of flow volume and have a progressive flow.

2) Part quality: some parts are made of off the self garbage and these parts will leak overtime, corrode, or become siezed especially when using 100% meth. Some parts are not even compatible with over 50% meth, so make sure you are using parts designed for methanol and thus will be able to use 100% meth and know they are of good quality.

3) Fittings: some are push lock fittings, imo these are absolutely crap because they will eventually leak or have the hose get stuck inside. Compression fittings are much superior in my opinion and AN fittings + AN lines are even better.

4) Solenoids: This is critical, some companies use pretty crap solenoids that have slow response times (slower the solenoid the worse the pwm control is) this sacrifices the progressive nature of the whole system. Some companies have solenoids that can only operate for a couple of seconds so MAKE SURE YOU RESEARCH THE CAPABILITIES OF YOUR SOLENOID, especially for you guys that do pulls for 15 seconds and need the solenoid to pulse for the complete duration. Some companies use really good solenoids that should be considered near if not fuel injector quality and have the same response times, the only company that I can think of that satisfies this is aquamist.

5) Failsafes: this is extremely critical if you do not want your car to have a blown motor, some kits don't even have a fail safe which is bad. IMO I would look for the following: flow sensor, pump current, boost monitoring, solenoid monitoring, and engine monitoring (the more it monitors the better). This is where I personally like torqbyte since it is highly customization in this regard, aquamist is tried and trued and very good as well.

6) Tanks: If you track your car you must make sure the tank is sumped and baffled otherwise a large capacity tank will mean nothing if you are at a low fluid level and taking a hard corner and all of your fluid is pushed away from the outlet. IMO a sump alone is not sufficent, and requires decent baffling as well. Aquamist has a really good tank imo and they have videos showing how good it is at retaining fluid right at the outlet even when moving.

Overall I would go with aquamist if you want a pnp system, or torqbyte if you like playing around with your kit.
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