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Originally Posted by F87source View Post
Agreed on the low cost and no remapping + horse power supported.

I disagree on PnP since you need to notch the base plate, bend an extremely stiff fuel line hose. The overall result is a ghetto mounted hpfp that is secured by a very small amount of metal on the outer edge of the base plate and this whole assembly is subjected to a cam driven system with high vibration especially at high RPM's. It's just so sketchy I don't like that idea.

I don't like mixing fuel, and want to just be able to fully utilize the upcoming MHD flexfuel module and switch between 94 octane pump gas and E85 on the fly no messing with ethanol concentrations and having the car run poorly when concentrations are missed. I want the car to adapt from any ethanol concentration 0-85% so I don't have to guess how much pump gas is left in the tank, or how much ethanol to add.

This is absolutely false if utilizing E85 or a fuel with sufficent octane.

E85 can support upwards of 1,000 whp if your fuel system is capable and turbos can flow that much air. In terms of heat produced ethanol can cool the combustion temperatures and has an extremely high octane rating so IAT's have less of an impact. Clearly you need an intercooler that is rated for that power level, and turbos operating in their efficiency range as well, but saying you need meth past 450 whp is absolutely inaccurate. There are GTR's out there operating at 1,000 - 2,000 whp from AMS on E85 without any forms of meth injection and they run fine even on hot days.

E50 has been used to hit 700 whp on the m4 and m5. So saying you need meth to go further anyway without any context whatsoever is hugely false and misleading.
Have you got any links to the upcoming MHD Flex Fuel module?