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Good position to be in and early congrats on getting something special in the coming months!

Your background is very helpful and since this will be a weekend toy and since you already have a M2CS, the obvious choice is the GT4...

I say this for a variety of reasons, you have already modded your M2 to a similar performance to the CS. There is very little to gain from a weekend toy when you already have something similar in the stable.

The only reason you would chose the CS is if you were to buy it based on rarity or "investment".

The GT4 will give you a completely different driving experience on the weekends, with its low seating position and outright sports car feel. The CS is after all, based on a regular production car, which will be compromised in some aspects. However, that is not a bad thing because that market for a sports car with available backseat is a plus for some people who may not use it primarily as a weekend toy.

Oh and last option is to get the M2CS first, if it does indeed come much earlier than the Porsche. From what I have read, you may not get a GT4 allocation until possibly end of 2020? Then you have to factor in build and transport time. If the CS is being built in March, you will receive it in May / June and have many months to enjoy it. Due to the CS scarcity, I'm sure you can flip for at least what you bought it for.