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Just got my first map from Cary today and did a few logs. He dropped the boost just a tad from where I was running with JB4/MHD and raised the timing by about a degree or two compared to what I was running previously - but again this is just version 1.0! Have to say I'm sold already - I know this is pretty anecdotal but the power delivery is so much smoother than with the JB4/MHD stack, especially in the part throttle region / city driving.

Having the JB4 in conjunction with BM3 is actually quite an impressive combo. The JB4 allows for quick on the fly changes, and the BM3 software and network allows for endless possibility in terms of fine tuning and dialing the car in just right. Going "full flash", or even just letting the flash do as much work as possible is definitely the way to go with these vehicles.

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