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Originally Posted by Tricki View Post
On 98 ots I got best of 9.4.
No other times here in Australia to compare other than a lot in the UK where temps are a lot lower therefore will naturally get better times.
I would rather a healthy looking log than go balls out to better times by a fraction to then get misfires and codes.
Also I find that no one seems to have the balls to show logs either with the times they are getting to compare the different tunes out there....
Cmon put ya balls on the line I say
I suppose itís to be expected with ots maps. Iím going custom this year, just need to decide if Iím going hpfp as well. For example on 99 ron cars are doing mid 8s on a custom map where as ots seems to be in the low 9s.

Iíll share a bm3 99 and 102 log with 100-200 runs for you to look over.