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Thanks, all, for the responses. I ordered the sensors from tpmsdotcom (as suggested), but am torn on whether to have them mounted on the EC-7’s. From what I can surmise on this (and other) threads:

1. Not using TPMS sensors on an M2C will allow the use of MDM and DSC off, but the car defaults to comfort mode...which means less steering effort (vs sport or +) and a less touchy throttle. Correct?
2. Using TPMS means I have to worry about starting pressures below 28. Attention to tpms resets. Possibly pitting after a lap to reset. The possibility of limp mode while on track. Correct? On my previous cars used at the track (911’s, GT4, Boxster GTS), 28 cold was always my sweet starting point. But this car is heavier. And the engine is in front!

Given the above, I think I’m gonna hold off on the sensors.

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