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I had a tuned e92 for 10 years and now an og at m2 for two years and I drive them exactly the same manner on the same road stretches.
I've noticed that with the M2 I have slightly worse long distance milage but slightly better short distance milage.

I once drove the n54 900kms/560miles with a fuel consumption of 0.73 liters per 10kms which equals to about 32mpg. But then I really totally followed the speed limit and made no overpowered overtakes. With the m2 I get 0.82 liters per 10 kms doing the same thing (28.5mpg). I also only use shell v power. Now, bear in mind that this is now a scientific lab test but a real world test by me doing my best to keep a low fuel consumption.

I also use the auto start/stop feature in the M2 which I suspect helps a lot with the short distance milage. (I believe that it's unreasonable to have the engine running while standing still at stoplights in rush hour traffic so I let the car handle that).

My personal opinion is that having an m2 does not give anyone a free card to pollute the environment. I try to be as considerate as possible and not drive full throttle to every stop light. I also have the possibility to go by bicycle to work which I have to do every day all year long no matter the weather so that I can use my car with good conscience when I get feel for driving it.

I also don't bash those who don't fully agree with my personal philosophy because I feel for what I feel for and not everyone is the same. Only thing that I can't fully understand is people saying that they don't want to use auto start/stop because it feels weird or something...I can't think of anything more egoistic (car wise) than polluting the air while standing still because it is totally unnecessary and that it "feels weird/strange" is not an excuse in my opinion.

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