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Because there is no money to be made from a war against them. But if a Syrian did it I bet we would be hearing about it for weeks and trying g to decide if we would Nuke them or napalm them. Actually I remember some Muslim guy did do an attack on a base and later they found he is a crazy guy with ptsd or something ? Not sure. But they used him to help promote the idea that we should be at more war war war. When in fact he was just a crazy guy

This crazy Saudi guy does pre meditated horrible act like this and totally silent.

Mksixer I know you are so smart and see what is going on everyday. Stop supporting this shady character
Thanks for the kind words. They are greatly appreciated. Here's what I know for certain: All politicians are shady. And we haven't started another full-out shooting war since Mr. Trump has been in office. Quite a change from the previous administration.
Ok that's true. In the end no new war which is excellent. That is a good way of putting it.

But I am worried because he has prepared the ground for new epic wars that would be very disasterous for us incase he needs it or he next guy wants it which is bad.