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Originally Posted by CSBM5 View Post
By the way, I took advice from others on the board here at the O'fest autox about TPMS resetting. Rather than risk it having issues, I started a reset as I was in grid, and it never finished fully resetting for all my 6 runs, lol. I let a ton of air out of the tires too, started with 34 all around and tried to keep them there, so I think I ended up letting about 10psi total out of the fronts in order to hold about 34psi. TPMS never had an issue (like forcing DSC to come on) through the whole event.

Interestingly, I have not found TPMS intervention to be nearly the problem it was on my pre-LCI M2, even in the summer months.

I actually liked how well balanced the car was with a stock front swaybar and the 255/35-19, 275/35-19 RE71Rs. I have no plans to change it for now (which is something I can't recall ever feeling on any stock car I've autocrossed over the past 40+ years!).
It's an amazingly capable car in stock form. That said, I'm hearing the siren call of Ohlins and camber plates.