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Originally Posted by Old Geezer View Post
Shoot, I wish I'd known you were there. I ended up second in class. Those two box elements on the last section were dementedly tight.
Yeah, we should have met up. I nailed down 1st in S1 class with a 47.9. That second box element was easy to get sucked into as I was able to take it essentially flat out in 2nd which of course created way too high of an entry speed into the slalom. I only fell for that twice at least. Then I treated that 2nd box and slalom as one continuous element in my mind from then on, lol.

In 44 years of autocrossing, I've never seen box elements like those, and my old local club had some crazy elements (like one we called the onion ring that drove most everyone bat crazy).

The Michelin black lake is a great venue for an autox. All the prior ones I've been to there used most of the entire area as opposed to 75% of it.

I guess "Oktoberfest" is over now for good...very strange for them to drop the annual O'fest event, especially with such high attendance this year even without a track event associated with it. Supposedly it's being replaced with a "rebranded" annual event of some type.

Here's a pic of my car from the event someone took:
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