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Hi andrewc89,
Originally Posted by andrewc89 View Post
I used to literally drift around turns in the dry with the contis and they only had ~7000 miles on them. Admittedly that was super fun but it felt dangerous too. In the rain the back end of the car was all over the place. As soon as I switched to MPS4S It was a night and day difference. I haven't gotten any wheel slip during acceleration or turns in the dry or wet yet. The car feels glued to the road. If I were you I would definitely start with replacing the tires as they seem like the most probable culprit.
I want to do this as it appealing that it is so easy (albeit quite expensive here in AU). But the degree of the problem makes me think that it cannot be this bad - I want to believe that BMW wouldn't have used tyres that were such a total dud

Hi Anthony1s,
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Could your tires be heat cycled? Too much heat over time will make the rubber hard.
That's an interesting thought - I'd go with a "no" as I've not really driven it much (it is now about 2 years old with less than 8,000Kms on the clock.

Originally Posted by Anthony1s View Post
Same. I'm on 255/275 Conti 5Ps now. Which I believe do have a better traction rating than the OEM Conti 3s. But I don't recall having an issue as bad as OP described back when I was on the 3s.

Even with the 5Ps, driving DSC off and FBO BM3 Stg2, I don't have traction issues. Though I do ease into the throttle when I accelerate, I've yet to push it hard enough to spin out. I did have problems when my previous set of rear 5Ps were almost wore out though. Once they hit the wear markers, I have to be more careful in the rain.
Interesting observations: it really takes very little to provoke the car to skid. I do not do this deliberately, and am now ultra careful with the accelerator ... but I've knocked off driving in marginal conditions as I believe it is getting to the point where it is unsafe.

Hi DanG,
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I live in a wet climate (raining today) but I have had zero issues with my Contis. I always drive in Sport.

I am not sure that the tires are the problem.
^This is what is nagging aware at me ... the tyre replacement is an easy option, but the concern I have is once I've done this and the problem persists, I've wasted a lot of $'s

Hi BostonM235xi,
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I went from Michelin super sports to Conti extreme contacts - Michelin's on dry better grip but Conti are better every other condition. Understanding they are different use tires of course.
I appreciate all the observations.

Hi mr_lab_rat,
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Couple more ideas:

1. tire pressure (someone mentioned that already)
2. wheel alignment, toe out in the rear could cause this
3. defective shocks, get the dealer to test them?

Fellow local BMW enthusiast? It doesn't take very long to test swap wheels with another car (M2, M3, M4). That way you can get a feel what different tires would feel like.
These are great ideas! Thank you

The only one I am confident doesn't apply is the first as I've had that recently checked by a tyre specialist (who had to remove a nail in the tyre that the BMW dealer didn't even notice).

The others are all really useful - at least to the point where I can have a conversation with BMW (or an independent specialist) and get them to check what is going on.