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Probably a long shot, but are your tires inflated properly? 35psi (Sorry, I don’t speak KPA...) cold is what they put on the door sticker in the US. How is traction in corners? Do cornering limits seem abnormally low? If it is the tires, I’d expect traction to be low in corners, too.

While everyone here likes to hate on the Continentals that came on your car (mine too), they weren’t terrible. Just an older design with lower limits when cold, and a short life. In warm weather, and on track, they worked fine for me. Not well enough that I bought another set to replace, but I was content to burn them off and replace when worn out. In Seattle, we spend a fair bit of time on hills, and in rain, I didn’t find the tires, or the car, lacking in traction.

Insist on a ride along at the dealer, so they can experience what you’re describing. Otherwise you’ll probably get the same dismissive assumptions about your driving. Hopefully they’re near a hill.

Good luck!