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Hi Folks,

Thank you all for your comments
Originally Posted by GoneIn4Secs View Post
I think you just need to have more throttle sensitivity
I've got to stress that I am already very sensitive to this, and the skidding and sliding happens anyway. Its difficult to describe as these things are always a matter of perspective, but I am giving very minor throttle inputs and it will still break loose. I've been driving for over 30 years, and I've never had a car that does this, including cars that are more powerful than the M2.

Originally Posted by 5.M0NSTER View Post
The rapid banging is likely wheel hop. I get that too on my car if I launch hard, and happens in the wet as well. Tires will likely not help too much here as this is more related to damping and control arms...
I think you're right about the tyre hop: as I've said to GoneIn4Secs, I am already being very careful with the throttle. And it isn't just me who suffers the problem - my partner also has the same difficulty. Both of us are now very circumspect with how we treat the car.

I'm kind of wondering whether there is some other mechanical issue at play here. The car has its 2 year service coming up and I'm going to complain to BMW about it and see whether they can find anything wrong as part of the scheduled service. I also have a specialist that I'll get to check the car over.

Originally Posted by 5.M0NSTER View Post
I have not experienced the second issue ever. In the dry my car is very hooked up. I have a 17 M2 with MPSS tires and I'm quite happy with them. 23k kilometers now and 3 track days on them. Better tires will help in this situation.
It is frustrating as that issue will happen almost every time, on every road and in every condition (wet, dry, hot, cold etc). We are not enjoying our ownership experience as much as we would like. And I'm loathe to blame the car ... or the driver(s)

Originally Posted by 5.M0NSTER View Post
I drive in DSC off most of the time, and the wet grip of the MPSS tire is actually quite good. I am very gentle and smooth with my throttle application. Rolling on and off. This helps a lot. If I'm more aggressive with the throttle in the wet I can break the rear wheels quite easily.
Your answer makes me wonder whether the MPSS tyres will help As I've said above, I'm super careful with the throttle now.

The responses provided make me think about how the car used to be when I first got it, and I don't seem to recall that it was as lousy... and that breaking traction is a fairly recent thing (as in the past 3-6 months).

Originally Posted by RAM_F30_F87 View Post
I was only able to get 10,000+ miles on the original Contis before uneven wear made them very noisy, so I replaced them with Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires which are better in every category than the newest generation Contis.
Interesting comment about noise Although my Conti's have only half the mileage yours did, we are now thinking that it is expensive to continue to leave them on the car as it is detracting from our enjoyment of it ... assuming of course that the tyres are the problem.

Originally Posted by alavigne View Post
^^^ I second the above - same situation for me. 18 LCI 6MT and MPSS tires, and I drive with DSC off most of the time, dry and wet. Also sometimes get a bit of wheel hop in the wet right from a standing start, but that's about it (and only when deliberately giving it a little extra... and also seems to vary depending on the nature/quality of the pavement). I think it's a matter of conditioning how throttle is managed - having come from a long line of cars before the M2 that had no stability or traction control at all (e.g. AP1 Honda S2000), you become ingrained to the reality of very fine grained (and often conservative) throttle application.
I know I sound like a broken record, but the conservative/sensitive application of throttle has been what we are doing. And really, if I had wanted a car that couldn't handle the application of power, there is plenty of rubbish on the market to choose from We bought a car that can handle the application of power to the road, and I believe its a reasonable expectation that we should be able to do that without the issues we are having.

Anyway, as I said, I'm going to resort to getting BMW to take a look at the problem. I have low expectations as the 3 BMW dealers that I have used in the past have really awful mechanics ... they are fine to change oil (although one struggled with that).