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Originally Posted by V.Smurf View Post
The behaviour is that there will be rapid banging coming from the rear - I'm guessing that the differential is trying to control the slip on the tyres and the back will slide. I am not going WOT at all - I'm now incredibly ginger with the accelerator.

I've also had trouble when the car is in motion - for example if I attempt an overtaking manoeuvre on a single lane (in either direction) road, the car will skid/slide on the white paint in the middle of the road in dry weather!!
The rapid banging is likely wheel hop. I get that too on my car if I launch hard, and happens in the wet as well. Tires will likely not help too much here as this is more related to damping and control arms.

I have not experienced the second issue ever. In the dry my car is very hooked up. I have a 17 M2 with MPSS tires and I'm quite happy with them. 23k kilometers now and 3 track days on them. Better tires will help in this situation.

I drive in DSC off most of the time, and the wet grip of the MPSS tire is actually quite good. I am very gentle and smooth with my throttle application. Rolling on and off. This helps a lot. If I'm more aggressive with the throttle in the wet I can break the rear wheels quite easily.
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