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Really Poor Traction (Continental Tyres)

Hi All,

I'm not enjoying my M2 as much as I would like as I've found that accelerating from stop can be a really frustrating and sometimes dangerous experience.

In any of the following conditions, I experience problems with traction when I start moving from a total/complete stop:
  1. If the ground is at all wet - I get that rain causes issues, so I am not referring to issues of slippy ground
  2. If I am turning left out of a side street onto a main road (so it is a sharp left - remembering in Australia the steering wheel is on the right side)
  3. If I am turning right out of a side street onto a main road so that I have to initially (for say 5-7 meters) go straight ahead and then turn right
  4. If I start off from traffic lights where I am stopped on a hill.

The behaviour is that there will be rapid banging coming from the rear - I'm guessing that the differential is trying to control the slip on the tyres and the back will slide. I am not going WOT at all - I'm now incredibly ginger with the accelerator.

I've also had trouble when the car is in motion - for example if I attempt an overtaking manoeuvre on a single lane (in either direction) road, the car will skid/slide on the white paint in the middle of the road in dry weather!!

The one thing that comes to mind are the tyres - lost the tyre lottery and ended up with Conti's. I know Continental make great tyres, just not the ones BMW fits to the M2. I've been to a tyre shop to check the pressure and let air out of the wheels to try and improve traction, but it is still just awful and completely unacceptable on a performance car.

I'm wondering whether other folks have had this experience, and whether it was solved by a tyre change? It is now to the point where I'm wondering whether as it is so awful that there is possibly some other problem?

My car is a MY18 LCI, with DCT - it hasn't yet done 7,000Kms on the Conti's. It has also never been tracked and never done burnouts/slides (other than what has happened accidentally).

What are the thoughts of fellow owners...? I am just completely amazed at how bad the M2 is at achieving traction on regular roads, particularly given how careful I now have to be with touching the accelerator.