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Originally Posted by nioh_lbbm2 View Post
Hi guys,

Some folks wanted me to create a thread on my journey thus far with a tuned FBO M2 in California pump gas.

Originally I was planning to hop immediately on to BM3's Stage 2 91 Oct tune after having just installed a FMIC and charge pipes. I already had a Fabspeed 200 cell sport cat and Remus exhaust.

The tune initially get great but I was comparing directly to stock. The difference in power and delivery was immediately noticeable but of course I was curious about my engine's health and did some logging with the help of SeanWRT :
Stage 2 91 oct:

Looks like timings were all over the place. Now granted I am a complete newbie to reading these logs so I relied on Sean's guidance.

Went back down to Stage 1 91:

Looking better but still not quite right.
Did some researching I re-read Nezil mega thread on his similar journey but he had access to race gas that I did not. There's only 1 station in San Diego near me that offers race gas and I don't want to go out of my way just to buy it.

Finally I thought I would reach out to a custom tuner but after not hearing back for a while I reached out to Halim directly to see if an ACN 91 specific tune was in the works since the F8X M3/M4 guys had one. And to my surprise they were able to add one to my account!
Here are the logs a couple of days after flashing the ACN91 map:

Looking much healthier and the car still feels nice. Working with Halim now to gather some more pulls to see if the map needs anymore tweaking but overall much happier for my car

I am so very very very disappointed in California's gas quality.
I'd want this but for stage 1 not stage 2. How do I get this ACN map added to my account?