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Originally Posted by Ghostriderf80 View Post
.02 of a second faster than an M3 competition. Could be the wind... or the driver had a poo before jumping in.

4 seconds on the outgoing M2

ALSO in Europe where these cars are built its called a competition pack. In the USA where they are raised and detuned they are ZCP with amber lights and big wing mirrors you cannot see from.

ZCP (Zee Competition Pack) is the BMW option code for Competition Package. They are called Competition Package here in the US as well just like everywhere else. Also, please enlighten us more how US spec cars are detuned compared to EU spec counterparts. I really hope you won't come back saying "EU spec has 450HP while US spec makes 444HP". Both EU and US spec M3 (or any other BMW model) make the same amount of power so neither is detuned. In Europe, the DIN metric horsepower (PS) is used while US uses HP. 1 PS = 0.986 HP ==> 450PS = 444HP.