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Originally Posted by jritt@essex View Post
Yes. Here's what the N2H caliper looks like on top...fixed bridge. There's no way to remove the pads without taking the caliper off the car.

On the base blue brakes you can punch out the pins to remove the pads, and you do not need to remove the whole caliper. This is what cntzl mentioned. The pins are a bit of a hassle. I've had them on several cars and never liked them. In the pic below, you can see the blue standard caliper in the middle with the pins removed.

On the AP Racing calipers, you do NOT need to remove the caliper to swap pads. On the AP's there are little aluminum bridge pieces that pop out with hex head bolts. There are two bolts on the front calipers, and one on the rear. As noted, with our calipers it takes longer to jack the car and remove the wheel than it does to change pads.

Here's the top of the CP9660:

Our CP9668 front caliper (the one that takes the inch thick pads) was designed for quick pad changes during endurance races. As such, it comes with two bridge options in the box. The standard one that looks just like the one on the CP9660 above, and a quick change spring clip. With the spring clip, you don't even need tools to remove the pads! You just squeeze the spring clip, lift, and it swings up out of the way so you can pull the pads.

My bad... I replied thinking he was asking about AP pad replacement but he clearly said "stock brakes"

I didn't know stock calipers required removal for pad replacement. Now I'm even more glad I don't have to deal with them.