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Instead of 9668 in the front, I'm running 9660 (slightly smaller and lighter than 9668) and 9449 in the rear. Even though, I weighed the AP kit at home, I hadn't weighed the stock brakes before I sold them. Nice to see the numbers.

After installing AP Racing BBK, 763M wheels, Ohlins coilovers, GC camber plates and 10mm spacers all around, my final weight was 3494lbs with full tank of gas which is ~70lbs less than stock (More details —>

These brakes are great and probably one of the best brakes (if not the best) you can have for track. Can't wait to try them out next year on my track days. My only complaint is about the pads I'm using. I'm currently using DS2500 as my daily pads since their compund is compatible with DS1.11 and doesn't require bed-in after every swap. However, DS2500 squeals little bit below 10mph when you are about to come to a complete stop. This is one thing I cannot stand in a street car. Fortunately, jritt@essex has been a great help in the past couple weeks in recommending me which pads I could switch to and finding me the part numbers. Their customer service is top notch. I've always gotten quick responses from him even though I haven't bought my brakes directly from them.

One quick question tho jritt@essex... What's the difference between 9449 and 9451?