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Small update for those interested...

I initially went to get my papers signed yesterday morning but come to find out they needed the original packet which was at the port, so my dealer went and picked them up during his lunch break, I picked them up from him, got my amended customs papers signed by my customs agent and took them immediately over to my dealer. I asked him if he was going to customs that same day and he said yes, but then he started with some excuse that "oh they have so many cars right now it is taking a long time so we are still on track." By this point I was just really upset so I just said "whatever" and walked out. He tried following me but I told him I didn't want to talk to him. I haven't heard the status since.

I did however send him a lengthy email and copied who I am thinking is his supervisor as well as the person in charge of their social media pages, outlining all the issues and delays and informing them of all of the problems. I never received a response, but I did notice that my dealer was acting completely different and trying to be the "good guy." I also reached out to the dealer chain on social media asking for the supervisors contact information but interestingly enough I still haven't heard back... I plan on going with my girlfriend to their main office in Seoul over the weekend to file a complaint there as well. Unfortunately I'm not fluent in Korean so I need help with communications a lot of the time...

Anywho, I'm hoping it clears customs today then it's 5 working days until I can take delivery.