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Originally Posted by 430409M2 View Post
Are we sure the box in the trunk is recieving power? I cannot recall if there is a light that comes on. With the floor panel removed, the wiring harness for the Bluetooth box runs up to a fuse box. I believe it runs under the box (which can be loosened by one nut) and is the third from the top fuse, a #15. Can you check that the red cable from the harness is in the correct spot, and is firmly connected?
Yep, there is a red light that comes on when the toggle switch is in the on position.

I have not tried pairing when the car is in sports mode and my understand is that the switch only works in sports mode, do you know if that is correct? If so, I'll reconnecting the unit with the 10-15 second method whilst the car is in sports mode and see..