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Originally Posted by DoggieHowser View Post

Ps which wing mirrors did you get? Don't remember seeing you post the install. It just appeared in your latest photos
You are right, how rude of me

M2 Mirrors

Disclaimer: Nothing beats pure ///M mirrors. Until the time comes when a true M3/M4 retrofit is released with a 'reasonable' price tag, I'll stick to mirror caps for now.

A few months back I went totally OCD over the various mirror cap offerings. It turns out, not all caps are the same. Some are cheap and nasty, others have a little more 'refinement' in their shape which makes a big difference.

There's a guy on the German 2 series forum who is selling "///M mirror caps" - there's a thread about it on here by Robban.

The mirrors caps I purchased were from a company called 'CarbonCustomzUK'. My set was professionally skinned by hand in a real carbon fibre 3k weave cloth and finished with a deep, glossy UV resistant coating.

This is their ebay store: - At the moment is empty ... I think they may be away on vacation, so worth checking a few weeks later.

Alternatively here is Robban's post on a good set of mirror caps:

Oh and a big tip: no need to take the mirror out, just pry an interior trim (non-scratch) tool around the edges of the stock cap, it'll come out very easily.

Originally Posted by DoggieHowser View Post
Now I just need a Torx screw. Do you think the BMW dealership will lend me one when they install the steering wheel I ordered.
Purchase a nice set from Amazon... a torx set is always handy to have in the toolbox