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Unfortunately, badge snobiness is strong on this forum. What they are blind to realize is that even if they don't ever buy a Hyundai car, this is actually a good news for the BMW loyalist. Just think if Hyundai came out with a $40k 450hp RWD car that drive decent. Don't you think that the next M3, BMW would be forced to make the next M3 significantly more power than today and more standard features for $80k?

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Good for them. I don't understand the negativity when a "sub-par" brand wants to try something (I, for the record, do not consider Hyundai "sub-par"). At worst, I'm neutral in such situations. If you look at the bigger picture, when companies compete, the consumer always wins.

Even if the cars can't match BMW on the "total package" with things like interior quality, etc., as long as the cars drive competently and are fun, then I could see enthusiasts who emphasize the experience over the badge cross-shopping these. Many will see the price/other nuances as a great compromise.

If these "N" cars don't end up competing with BMW, it's at least another company trying something to show that there's a market for fun cars and as long as that market is proven to exist, then automakers will continue to be motivated to make those fun cars for us gearheads.

At worst, they flop and it won't make any real difference to what you drive anyway. I doubt it'll be this bad though considering their hiring of BMW's (now former) M-division chief engineer.

If Hyundai's proven anything in the last 10 years, it's that they know how to turn a ship around. Think about how their brand perception and quality has changed in that time frame.

Even if you don't like Hyundai, you still win. I'm anxious to see what they come up with, but I'm going to wait and see before I make any further judgments.