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Originally Posted by T_H_O_M_A_S View Post
to clarify certain thougths , ive ranboth hdp5evo and hdp6 ( installed ) . so i have a little xp with them .

a few pros and cons

HDP5evo pros : same height for in and output compared to oem . better orientation of the connector .
cons : is only marginally better compared to oem , doenst support ps2 and Emix . base plate is thinner , but thats not a con actually .

Hdp6 : Pros much more flow available , ps2 and emix ,no problem . thicker baseplate twice of the hdp5evo
cons ; orientation of the connector , needs some work to have clearance with intake manifold . The in and output sit a feww mm higher compared to oem . you will need to adjust the HP line to have it fitted without stress .

Both pumps dont require extra programming because bosch hardware .
both fired right up after install

all in all go for the hdp6 right away , a little more work but much more worth it
Hmm... with the kind of coin Iíve seen the more recent used HDP6ís going for, paying a little more to get a new pump that flows more and has better mounting seems worthwhile.

The other pumps have drop in fits without modification and the baseplate mod for the HDP6 is my biggest concern. I need everything to be very robust for the track, and I would be constantly concerned/checking the HDP6 fitment.

Right now Iím leaning towards Dorch Stage 2 to bc theyíre supported in BM3 (B58 so far, N55 coming they say), and itíll give me plenty of headroom to run E50 with a PS2 in winter and occasionally full E85 at the track.