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Originally Posted by Viffermike View Post
It's marginally better but not worth it. The only real advantages you get are component drivers (separate woofers and tweeters) instead of full-range drivers and a max of 10 WPC more power, depending on the channel (and that's still up for debate). You can upgrade the Hi-Fi system for about 40 percent of the cost of the HK option and have a better-sounding system than both.

Consider yourself lucky to have a choice in the EU! In the U.S., it's HK and nothing else on the M2.

Thanks for your reply.
It is hard to quantify of course what "marginally" better is but the cost for the H/K upgrade over here is somewhere in the range of USD700.
Not sure if we have the same upgrade kits available over here. Also I am not interested in upgrading any stereo equipment after I have taken delivery of the car.

I guess I need to go and listen to a 2-series with the H/K option and one with the HiFi-option in order to really make an informed decision.