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Would not unbadge if the car is going to be driven in the states.

Has very different connotations in europe than it does in the states; in europe people assume you're going for a stealth/clean look, but in the states people assume you are trying to conceal the trim level of your car (unbadged 428s etc)
I just got back from Germany and my wife and I were wondering about the debadging of all the cars there. Is it just a cosmetic thing people do or do a lot of cars come without badges? It seemed like a lot of "regular" cars didn't have badges but it appeared to be mostly the German brands and not so much with other brands. Just curious...
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The rear Comp badge fell off mine the first week. It was just some double sided tape. I did help it, but half it was already lifted up.
It is VERY noticeable. I'm thinking it's a European thing...
I've been here 3 weeks and so many of the German cars are clean.
I really like the look👍🏻