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What's up.

So since my last post I haven't added any modifications but I have gone to the track several times, but stopped for the summer in July because the heat was melting my tires off. I also ate through my brake pads so had to get those replaced, and when I was in there on the pads I realized my discs were not in great shape either, so I ordered new ones and installed those yesterday.

I also replaced my Akrapovic midpipe under warranty. It was making a pretty bad buzzing sound from the mid resonator upon decel. Akrapovic was great to work with!

Track day. It's great because it's free but it's a shorter track (maybe minute laptimes) which is fine but I'd like to try something with higher speed corners.

Back at the garage for new pads and an oil change. I've been using Motul 300V and love it.

During that visit I realized I needed new discs, so I ended up buying new discs, end links, and front and rear hubs and bearings. I was convinced my bearings were going bad because of noise I was getting at the track but after inspection on the lift and diagnosing of the tech the bearings were ruled out so I ended up not installing those (now they get to sit in my closet for awhile I guess).

That turned into also doing a brake fluid flush, new brake lines, and new tires since I had only 30% tread left on my Michelins. I didn't want to spend a ton of money on more Michelins for the track (gonna make those my street tires) so I bought a set of Kumho V720 or whatever they are. I expect to go through these in about 3 track days. After that, I'll be buying a dedicated set of 18" track wheels and I'll swap back and forth between those.

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