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Originally Posted by AndrewC1989 View Post
Oh good, maybe you can enlighten me on the "peaches" stickers I keep seeing on people's rear bumpers. Don't really understand this trend. Is it a designer brand? A facebook group? Something else?
Yeah it's a "company" that does a bunch of stuff - big in branding, they have a limited clothing line which is basically shirts and sweatshirts. They also have a strong media arm led by a fairly famous music video producer. They also are big into modding cars and they recently built a shop in Seoul and their mantra is they're going to build cars that are on the cusp of being illegal but are still technically legal. In Korea there are laws about ride height, front lips, bumpers, wings, etc. so they take that to the extreme kind of as a "FU" to the establishment.

Most people myself included support them because they're bringing car culture and awareness to a country where it's heavily suppressed. Every time they sponsor an event they have astronomical turnout. It's refreshing to see.

They recently did a Mercedes AMG GT which isn't for everyone but it definitely shows the passion.
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