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I did this last month and although I had fun driving the snot out of cars that are not mine, it wasn't special enough to post something about here immediately. My wife and I regularly visit her family in Orange County and I decided to make a side trip to Thermal and use this freebie before it expires.

During our uphill/terrain/mud session, I drove a X5 and managed to get stuck in the mud, had to be pulled out. On the track, we drove a Z4M, X6M, M4 and 340M. The Z4M was the best for me, it was tossable, lighter and felt much quicker than the others. In the end, the instructor drove us around a short track with lots of turns on a M5 slipping, sliding and drifting with such abandon I felt like it was such a violent experience.

We ended our week with another side trip to Santa Barbara for two days before heading back to the Bay Area. Overall, it was a fun vacation but I wouldn't go to Thermal just for this experience alone, I'd rather spend a whole day in M driving school closer to home. At least I got to drive the M2C and stretch her hips for a while on a 1200 mile round trip.
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