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Originally Posted by Piets94 View Post
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Wouldn't be surprised if the manuals were bought by speculators. Seeing how the 911R, GT3 manuals etc instantly commanded a premium one could think the same could apply to the CS. Especially because the M3/4 CS was criticised for being DCT only.
Yeah, it's possible. The asking prices are more or less similar across the board, but the DCT was a $7500 option.

I'm also wondering if the MT was purchased as more of a 'driver's' option, and with the two most populous states of Australia being in lockdown, it would leave very little enjoyable driving to be done.
I have a different take on this:

There are three dealer-listed cars and three private listings.

This tells me there are at least five people who bought the car, had their fun with it, and now are on their way with the next toy.

I know one person who pulled his listing has bought another car (a wagon) and another is buying a Rolls Royce even if he doesn't know it yet - you know who you are

This, in my humble opinion, is more the result of a disease called Auto-ADHD; you get bored of your toys quickly, and move on before the goldfish has a chance to ponder his memory issues

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