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Originally Posted by Dav3 View Post
If your M2 progressively feels more sluggish over time and you DD your car or have spent most of the cars life in traffic, you probably need to reset your throttle adaptions.

Modern BMW's basically use a form adaptive tech that adjusts throttle response to typical/consistent driving scenarios. I'm guessing it's been implemented a bit for comfort and a bit for consumption/emissions.

The main issue with this technology is that the car has no idea on how hard the owner wants to drive on any given day and requires a consistent driving style to update to a new profile.

My typical workday route involves 70% severely congested and claustrophobic traffic. The remaining 30% is instead free open highway. Even in my scenario, where the two driving scenarios are somewhat balanced out, I've noticed that over time the car just doesn't pull that hard anymore.

The fix? Reset throttle adaptions! It takes 5 minutes with no effort at all.

Taken from another thread, the instructions are as follows:

Push Engine button ON (once; do not start engine)
Step on the throttle pedal down (all the way down)
Hold it there for 30-40 seconds
With throttle still down, push Engine button OFF
Release throttle
Wait 2 minutes
Start car normally. Done

I've done the throttle reset for each mode (felt necessary to repeat the above process for Sport+) and the car feels completely healed. Now I can easily do aggressive pulls with responsive feedback without feeling like there's any turbo lag. Just try it out!
OP!!! You da man!!!

I just did this and the car feels completely different. It's exactly as you said - it feels like the turbo lag is gone.

I'm convinced that this is 100% psychosomatic, but I'll take the placebo effect all day every day! It's awesome. Thank you!!!