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Originally Posted by Sedan_Clan View Post
Nice thread!

Originally Posted by Ramos View Post
Nice driving!
Two questions:

1) can you elaborate on the front camber comment? My M235 is critically lacking front camber stock (max -0.25 degrees non adjustable from the factory / not even the sliding shock tower positions you had on the E46 M3) even my street only PSS tires were corded at the outside shoulders at 20k miles. Does the M2 have more negative front camber stock or are you implying that it does not need it as much?

2) On almost every corner exit, you seem to be counter steering briefly, are you applying throttle too aggressively / too early? Is that your driving style to rotate the car mid corner or is the car itself too oversteery?
1) I'm not sure what the stock spec for camber is on the M2 but it's not very much. I was implying that the turn in wasn't bad at all despite the minimal negative camber up front.

2) I'm using throttle to rotate the car. I guess you could say it's my driving style, but I noticed that with less throttle the car would understeer more. The car does not naturally oversteer, if anything it understeers a bit. Rotating the car with throttle allows you to apply more throttle earlier and exit a little faster.

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Nice vid, If you get the gdv diverter valve for the turbo it helps with the lag a lot on the m235i not sure if it would be plug and play on the m2. Also I think we have similar brakes (calipers) and with proper race pads ( I use porterfield R4) and proper fluid I can get 40 min sessions at sebring, although my calipers are now green .

That is not bad for a stock car, I am turning consistent high 27 low 28s in my 235i w camber plates, coil overs jb4 and m3/m4 lcas on r comps (only 235 square though, jealous of the m2 space for rubber )

Did you get any power loss in the heat, 235 did until I updated the inter-cooler.
Thanks! The turbo lag is built in to the software, if you shift above 6000rpm it eliminates the lag. I'll be driving tomorrow at Homestead with some new Pagid RS29 pads so we'll see how those hold up.

27s are fast! I'm hoping to be in the low to mid 20s with the coilovers, tires and power the next time we head out there.