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Very small update. My dad found a body guy locally that can work the panels rather than just replacing them so he buttoned the car enough to put it on the trailer.

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This morning he loaded it up and dropped it off at the body shop. The guy we are using is retired and did a bunch of hot rods and show cars. He really didnt want to take the job but my dad showed him the car and he thought it was cool and agreed to take it on if we agreed not to give out his info or even tell anyone he did the work. He made it clear that he does not want to start doing body work full time again. My dad talked to him and said they got along well so I am hoping he works out. The plan is to fix the front damage, pull dents, and paint what needs to be painted. Once its back I will try to save what paint I can with a detail. This is the first time its been out of the shop in a long time.

Untitled by Nick Wood, on Flickr