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Originally Posted by TRACK M4STER View Post
Originally Posted by Paul-Bracq-BMW View Post
Sad, but hopefully the new head of design will have BMW move away from their conservatism and create more exciting looking models...
I remember 10 years ago with the ground breaking design of the E65 7-series and E60 5-series and loyalists were critical of the revolutionary flame surfacing of Chris Bangle. The "Bangle-butt" which has now been copied by many manufacturers has now been abandoned by BMW with a more evolutionary design but now BMW has now been met with "design too conservative, too boring, etc."

Can't win with you guys.
Hit the nail on the head.

Bmw design was roundly trashed across the board except for the m cars and 3 series at that time. People like us were the most critical.

When these van hooyedonk and karim designs took hold it was a revelation to everyone. Mostly because they are very smooth and very proportional designs that keep the bmw heritage intact.

Now suddenly the designs aren't extreme enough.

It's just a reflection of a changing customer base

I'm assuming right now most of the customer base wants more vents, more wings and less subtle distinction. Underbody neon glow would really make everyone happy.

It will be interesting to see if the new cars will go into a more "extreme" direction or somewhere new that we haven't seen yet.

Mercedes seems to be nailing subtle distinction really well right now. Of course the current crop are Basicly derivatives of a core karim Habib design before he left. Interesting how that works out. Their only failure is the new e class against the 5 series which is a total home run.
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