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Maybe I missed something but are all the cars already delivered in that time frame going to be recalled as well?
Eventually yes - according to my dealer
What I've been told too.

I guess it is what it is, but this stinks. My car is in Galveston, TX at the port, was to ship to dealer 5/9 with delivery to me 5/13.

I normally couldn't care less except for the fact that I have less than 2-4 months to drive due to health (I have ALS). Of all the people that would be willing to sign a disclaimer, it would be me! A faulty knee airbag isn't going to kill me! Ha
Well at least you're not alone. My car is at the Galveston port as well just sitting. I was supposed to get it 5/3 so now just waiting to see how this all pans out. This part sucks worse than the slow shipment to the states, at least with that I was expecting it to be slow...
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