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Originally Posted by Montaver View Post
Akra being the cheapest!? First time I've ever heard that!!
Yea, was surprising but ~$1650 for the OAPs whereas SOUL and Fabspeed were $1795 and $1695, respectively.
Not only that Akrapovic are titanium, but also have heat shields that the other two didnít. Totally worth it from multiple aspects. I think that is all I will need since the particulate filters zap so much of the volume. The JCR stuff is excellent too in inconel, but that system is something like $15k for headers, over axel pipes, and race muffler. This is an easy way to start with where I think a good bit of power and sound reside. Dyno I saw showed 32 lb-ft of torque gain at 2400, 28 lb ft at 3600 rpm and 15.5 hp at 7100 rpm (all to the wheels) just from deleting the OPF and additional power throughout the rev band. This car pulls very hard too stock! I think a full exhaust and tune on the GT4/Spyder the car is going to be 475-480 crank hp considering the GT3/RS gain about 30-40 wheel with a full exhaust and tune on a much more highly tuned engine to start.

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