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Originally Posted by backmotor View Post
I got tired of make-shifting some brake cooling ducting and finally dove in the rabbit hole! I found a set of M4-GT4 brake ducts from a racing friend of mine and decided to make it work on my M2. It took some work, taking off the front bumper cover and all related shields, etc. plus modifying a few areas to get the duct through, but I think I have some decent brake cooling now.
It consists of a 2.5" hose from the front of the nose with the M4 scoop, and a 3" hose from a scoop under the A-arm. The GT4 backing plate replaces the stock shield, is carbon fiber, and has provisions for both the 3" and the 2.5" hose. The scoop is plastic and is one I had lying around, not part of the GT4 setup. I did cut out the bumper cover to fit the GT4 small scoops for the 2.5" hose, but I'll get over it. The M4 nose is not exactly the same shape as the M2 nose, but I think it looks OK and it works.
All this is after I gave up on the stock M2 brakes and went to AP calipers and rotors.
Just thought it might be of interest to some of you guys.
This is the kind of cooling I want. I have AP fronts as well, but none of the cooling solutions seem effective enough to survive at Monza.

Any idea where I could at least find scoops like you have connected to your lower arms? I’m not willing to cut my bumper just yet. Snaking the cooling hose through the narrow gaps between the body brackets and the various radiators doesn’t sound like fun, either. I’ve already spent a lot of time looking around the area inside the wheel arches trying to find a path for the cooling hoses, and everything is a compromise.

Did the M4 rotor backing plates fit correctly on the 372mm rotors?