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I was there on Friday, and I agree M3/4 probably the best in term of overall performance, down the main straight, the corners, and those slight hilly corners. (I had the British racing green M4) But M2 aren't out done by much, the handling and with DSC on, the car correct itself just right at the Apex, also those timed drift laps show how good M2 in the tight corners and pick up speed. The power of M5/6 are strong, but I feel like driving a boat in the corner with them.
Barcelona is a great city, lots to do & see, the weather was good, except we had morning shower on the day, which made us a bit hesitate to go all out on the track (fun began after lunch when the track dried up). The room in W Hotel is top class with those big floor to ceiling window out to Mediterranean Sea.
That was really a memorable experience with BMW.