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Originally Posted by triplefive
Originally Posted by AlexCirc View Post
Thanks for the review! Great pictures as well!

Would love to hear more of your opinion about how the M2 drives compared to the other M's that you got to experience.
Again, somewhat limited time with the cars but the M5/M6 had gobs of power but not really ideal for this track because they did feel big. M2 felt great on the track, sounded great -- I thought the M3/M4 competition pack was amazing as well, I honestly think you couldn't go wrong with either. M2 shines on tighter courses and it was so much fun on the autocross handling circuit. I think on this course the comp pack M3/M4 shined a little bit better in terms of overall power and handling. I talked with a few of the BMW instructors, they seemed to also prefer M3/M4 first then the M2 on the track circuit. I think it depends on a lot of variables. I think if buying the car, M2 seems like the way to go given the MSRP diff but on a lease, its more subjective and prob the M3/M4 may have more of an advantage there, at least for now in terms of monthly payment. Also some people may prefer the practicality of larger space, etc. It really depends on your particular scenario. Talking with the BMW people at the event, they didnt really have concerns of M2 "stealing" M3/M4 sales but rather felt the M2 enhanced the "M portfolio"
lol. It definitely enhances the portfolio.

By keeping production low, most prospective buyers are " enhanced" right into an M235i, an M3 or an M4. Brilliant !