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Originally Posted by McSmash View Post
So after having spent a year racing the M2C, I can report that its great results at a grippy and wide open Crows Landing didn't translate to other sites. The car got destroyed at Packwood and Fontana. And I never got a fair shake at competition against a Corvette on corded tires at the San Diego Match Tour. All told, the M2C isn't cutting the mustard in AS.
I don't necessarily disagree. The only reason I may trophy in my region is that the several Corvettes who provided serious competition jumped ship to CAM-S. Speaking to several people lately who mentioned an interest in the M2, I told them they'd be better off with the base car.

In my opinion, the SAC failed to take into account that the M2C can't take as much tire as the F80/F82, which they moved from AS to BS.