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Originally Posted by Twt View Post
I am looking at the rear seat delete without the cage. I drive to the track with my slicks in the back seat and the cage prevents that....however I still use the Schroth 4 point belts so I still need easy access to the rear seat that possible. Also, does it still fold down to give trunk access.Better pictures of the rear seat delete alone would be appreciated.
Thanks for your questions! The rear seat delete doesn't normally accommodate the rear seat belt anchors/receptacles, although it could easily be modified to do so. Basically, the seat bottom would need to be slotted. It does allow trunk access, just pull the release levers in the trunk as you would with the seats themselves. It is not split like the seats, however.

We have used the RSD to ferry tires to/from the track with the roll bar installed by simply going through the trunk. Sort of the best of both worlds and allows the harnesses to be attached to the roll bar which is much safer from the standpoint of shoulder strap angle to the driver. There's also space beneath the RSD bottom to store smaller stuff.

Thanks again!