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Originally Posted by M2 Belgium View Post
Coming back to this once more. Does the cover on the seat come off that easily? Just the part wich says airbag on it? I had a mechanic take a look at it and he says the seat has to come out to undo 2 torqx bolts. One on top if you push the bolster in and probably one on the underside. But this is not what I'm hearing here.
Can maybe someone sent a pic or clear instructions? Don't want to break anything :-)
We're talking about the cover over the front outboard seatbelt anchor which on the floor in the rear seat footwell. Just pry the cover off with a wide screwdriver or putty knife. No need to remove the seat. Just run it forward and up.

I ground the corner off of the cover to fit over the Schroth anchor. I probably could have bent the anchor more but elected to grind. I have the part number so I can replace the cover if I sell the car.