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Originally Posted by F87source View Post
Imo I think they're just using a simple scare tactic to deter you from going with bm3, mhd or ecutek. Of course it's not a good idea to give a huge range of features to any tuner, but why would someone would bring their expensive BMW to a random schmuck tuner is beyond me. If you bring your car to a reputable tuner like dezzeno@ptf (bm3 creator), justin@twisted tuning (bm3, mhd, and ecutek certified tuners) they'll easily get you sorted with a custom tune which is thousands of times better in terms of power delivery, smoothness, and optimization of the tune to your car over any ots map which are crap at best imo. There is imo, no such thing as a perfect one size fits all tune, there are "decent" ots maps but none of them will be able to fully match your car with it's specific mods, fuel quality in use, altitude and driving conditions perfectly and will always leave something left to be achieved.

Overall I personally just think the carbahn tune is just an over priced ots map that is extremely under performing and doesn't offer the performance + custom tailored experience a tune of that price should. Like a custom pro tune is cheaper than even the cheapest carbahn tune with no start up roar, no warranty and no tuning tablet. Like a full pro tune + mhd licence is cheaper than the carbahn tune + flasher. Overall the only good thing about this tune is the option for a warranty if that concerns you, otherwise there are way better options out there for less money.
I also forgot to mention bm3 and mhd constantly receive FREE updates with their ots maps, something I don't think carbahn offers. But the point is bm3 maps often see alot of improvements occur that greatly improved the map and these improvements occur frequently and takes in account feedback from users all over the world making the bm3 ots maps the best ots map out there. Mhd ots maps also see frequent update but imo they're not to the same level of development as bm3 maps and are a little bit inferior.
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