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Just got bootmod3 and will be flashing ACN stage 1 over the weekend. I live in California so it gets pretty hot. I'm assuming it's a good idea to flash with maxcool mode right? I daily the car and go on canyon runs, but I haven't tracked it yet (hopefully soon though ).
The devs have stated many times (on fb) that Max cool is recommended as a track only feature
Interesting... I actually asked bm3 this the other day about max cooling mode. This was their response.

"Max cooling is a feature we’ve added lately that is designed for the coolant temperature to be 10 degrees lower. No down side to it. We’ve had many people use this feature without any issues."

I do notice it takes the car longer to warm up and now I'm thinking of using it only during the vegas heat during summer time. But it does make sense for track use. Good to know it's fine if off.