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Off Ramp was one of two corners I struggled with. The other being Phil Hill. On Phil Hill, I only got to the point of trusting I knew where the track was after the blind crest in the last two sessions on Sunday. Prior to that, I kept turning in as if it was a tighter corner, then I would over slow and/or pinch the exit. Toward the end, I was getting closer, but never felt like I nailed it. Off Ramp is tricky with the decreasing radius entry, camber changes, and blind exit. My assigned instructor and an Instructor friend tried to get me through there and I think you really need to be willing to use throttle to rotate the car to get it right; something I wasn’t willing to try with a 1,000 mile drive home looming. I hope next year they do Star Mazda and the extension that partially avoided off ramp. They look like fun variations.

Flow was great overall, with more features to keep it interesting than I expected to find on such a flat track. CCW flow was really good overall. Cotton Corners was probably my favorite section; you could close distance on a lot of folks there if you’re patient on entry and set up well for exit.

I was running in C group, so probably saw you on track while you were in the right seat. What car were you in? Good group other than one guy who didn’t play well with others. I won’t call him out but you probably know who I’m referring to already. He seems to be somewhat infamous among the folks I spoke to.

The walls at Sears Point do make me a bit nervous. I’ve watched some video and it’s definitely lacking on runoff in many places before you find something solid. That’s kept me from prioritizing it so far. The fun of old tracks. We have a couple of that vintage up here as well and track safety has come a long way since the 60’s.