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Good to hear you enjoyed the track.

CCW is a blast - the place just flows in that direction, especially out of Riverside. Going the other way that little kink at the Bus Stop just blows the flow and drive out onto Riverside.

The damed Off Ramp corner still has me baffled.

I took half a dozen lines through/into it, had my students taking different lines and it's one of those corners that if you can get just right, works otherwise it's one of those you just try not to understeer through as you exit.

Actually my A student (in her Mazda 3 - come on, you can get going...), who watched Bill Vogel's in car video during her class room time, ended up flowing the corner better than I or my C student so I started copying what she was doing - you can ALWAYS learn. I'd taken Bill for a few laps on Friday and he and I discussed the corner quite a bit and it seems that it's everyone's "bad" corner.

I like your thinking on Sears Point (meh on that "Sonoma" name... I'm old school. Laguna Seca and Sears Point, not corporate names! ) and then Buttonwillow. Getting in a couple track weekends fairly close together is nice - you're still thinking in track mode so it's more comfortable. Rumor has it that it'll be CCW at Buttonwillow again too (the instructor's meeting was very vocal about staying CCW). Everyone seems to enjoy it better that way.

Two fantastic tracks - albeit, Sears is the one track I've been on that I'd not make a lot of effort to go back to. I'm not spooked by much at all but all I came away from there with was "CONCRETE EVERYWHERE!" I think an incident back in '87 during an AMA Superbike weekend has also stayed in my head; we lost an excellent racer that weekend and it's always put the spook into me for that place.
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