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Originally Posted by Megator View Post
Same haha, I want these for the M2 bad but also have 1.8 years of warranty left...
I figure if youíre tracking the car enough to consider a BBK, youíre probably already running non-OEM pads and fluid, and your rotors and calipers will show plenty of signs of track use. At that point, you can probably throw out any expectation of the brakes, and perhaps some nearby components (hub bearings for example), being covered under warranty due to pushing the brake system components to the limit.

So then there probably isnít much incremental risk to installing a BBK.

In the EU, are manufacturers free to void warranty, or reject a claim for unrelated parts being present? The EU is generally pretty focused on consumer protections but I suppose the auto industry has a lot of lobbying power. In the US, the burden of proof is on the Manufacturer to show that an aftermarket part caused a failure to another otherwise warrantable component. Is that not the case over there?