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Originally Posted by jritt@essex View Post
Lol...the OEM brakes are pretty weak for track duty for sure. We have complete Competition Brake Kits for your car, and the 2-piece discs that run with the OEM calipers. You can see all options here:

Here are some glamour shots...this car is so darn cool.

Here's our kit catching a beat-down at Road Atlanta.

Love that car - you sent me pics of it earlier this year when I was first thinking about track prepping the GT-R. Was able to resist the urge then (instead focused on the M2) but feeling pretty weak right now. When is the "if a previous customer has bought two full setups in the past they can now get one free" sale going to happen

Originally Posted by Megator View Post
Same haha, I want these for the M2 bad but also have 1.8 years of warranty left...
I definitely hear you on the warranty concern. To me in this particular case the reward trumps the risk - but definitely very situational and case dependent though. I can go on quite a rant here - I believe braking is the first step towards speed - but I'll spare everyone from my ramblings