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Originally Posted by jritt@essex View Post
Warranty, shmarranty! lol

The brake bias on the Competition was a little bit different vs. the standard M2 with the blue brakes. If we used our standard M2 setup (part#13.01.10050) on the USDM Competition, the car would have too much rear brake. As such, we went down on the rear piston size for the Competition (part#13.01.10111).

In terms of the EU cars, my assumption is that if you have the standard blue brakes, you're going to want our standard kit (10050). That said, we have never measured a Euro spec car, so we don't know if there are any other changes to the brake system. We do have numerous customers in Europe running our kits on these cars though, and we've never had any reported issues or problems with fitment, brake balance, etc. Thanks!
I am guessing if the master cylinder is the same then it is all kosher? or what should I look to compare? as far as the grabby bits go they are the same as what my friends with M3/M4s have.
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